Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Back to School 2009

After a very long Summer, today the girls FINALLY started school!! YEAH!! Our High school & middle schools were getting renovated so we all started later. Lucky kids!

Every year we take pics with the girls on their 1st day. Joe stayed home a little later from work & made the girls pancakes.I have the beginning of a sinus infection ...lovely.Gianna doesn't start until the afternoon but she happily posed for this pic.They just love their backpacks! Gianna is still into the Princesses but Marissa is starting to move on. She still loves her princesses but she's heading into the "tween" stage. Marissa 3rd gradeGianna Kindergarten They both had a great day & like their teachers. I thought it'd be tougher for me letting my "baby" go to Kindergarten but despite my lower lip trembling a bit I managed to make it through without embarrassing myself!


Kerry McKibbins said...

Your girls look adorable! Happy first day of school!!
Love your header!

Carla said...

AWE...they are so adorable. Sniff, sniff...they're growin up so fast!

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

so cute! and i am loving g's dress!