Saturday, August 22, 2009

Summer Project

I didn't start the summer with the intention of doing this project. Especially since I only heard about it in June on Laura's blog!

I'm talking about the Vacation Albums.

Yes that's plural. As in 5 albums so far. Not sure how many to go before I'm caught up.

4 of those 5 albums are just Disney. Shocking right?

Thursday night I was done with the journaling cards for album 2 when I realized I'd need more year tags. So I decided to pull together all our "non-Disney" trips out so I knew how many tags to make. Makes sense right?

I am now done with the "Non-Disney" album as well. Only I didn't journal it. Eventually I will but I'd like to get back to some regular scrapping eventually.

Baby steps.....


Carla said...

woo hoo!! You go girl! Where are the pics?????????? LOL

Deneen said...

Way to go now where are the photo's of this LOL!