Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hershey Gardens

During our stay at Hershey you can't help but notice the beautiful flowers everywhere. Apparently Mrs. Hershey loved flowers so Mr. Hershey made her a spectacular garden.

We made it to the gardens on our last day after leaving Chocolate World, with bags full of chocolate. It was the hottest day of the weekend too so we didn't spend as much time in the gardens as I would have liked but we had to save the chocolate!!

As we were walking in I started taking pics of the girls & this man came up & offered to take a family pic. LOVE that!! I think both the girls and I want a bench like this in our yard. Gianna declared herself a fairy.
Marissa was a Butterfly....and said the seat burnt her butt. It was so HOT!!The gardens are HUGE! It's 23 acres of just flowers...can you imagine pulling all the weeds?? This pic doesn't do it justice.There are rows & rows of roses...7,500 in total...we counted. LOL!! ;)

The gardens have some themed areas...not sure which one this is.

Gianna thought it was funny that the statue of the girl was catching butterflies barefoot. She's a funny kid.

There was a Butterfly House there too that was beautiful! So many varieties of butterflies zooming so close to you. I would have loved to spend more time in there.
This fountain was outside the Butterfly house. The girls were amazed at how the ball would stay in the stream of spouting water. I liked the Hershey Kisses seats.
This hibiscus flower was H-U-G-E!! Seriously GINORMOUS! It was the size of a salad plate!
You can see the park in the background....

This is a view from the garden of the Hotel.
As we went back to the hotel to get our car I had to stop in the middle of the road to take this one. And to catch my breath--it was an uphill hike from the gardens!!


Carla said...

what a beautiful garden and I love the butterfly chair!! Supercute!

Shermin said...

The garden is so beautiful! Glad that you snapped so many lovely photographs... that butterfly bench is just so cute as well!

Pinky said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Love that fairy Bench! OMG how cute, makes me wish I had some girls!
:) ~Pinky

Katrina said...

those gardens are wonderful!!! great chairs!

Deneen said...

Wish I were there!