Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Spray Paint And A Vision

While sometimes waiting for my mojo to hit me, I look around my scrap room and find things that need attention.  I realized I had too many white owls in my collection and talked Joe into going to Home Depot together to find colors I'd like to spray paint them.  Well actually HE could paint them for me....I screwed up some frames a few years ago and he won't let me live it down.  He's the official spray painter in the house.  I narrowed it down to these colors, since the mint green I had envisioned, they didn't have (or make--not sure).  

Joe took the owls to work and in a few days brought them home.  They came out great!  I had told him to make two of them the blue color, not caring which owl got which color, and now I'm sorta wishing I had told him to double up on the aqua!  I'm happy either way really.  So much better than boring white, which I still have some but they have rhinestone eyes so I left them white.

This is how they look all lined up on the cabinets in my scrap room.  So pretty!  Just don't mind the messy counter top that needs my attention next!!

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