Sunday, September 28, 2014

A Magical Day

17 years ago today, Joe and I had just started our vacation at Disney. Tired from the trip, but still excited, we got our picture taken in front of the castle. Later on we had lunch at Tony's Townsquare, which I loved since it was themed after the movie Lady and the Tramp--so romantic! 

We had a delicious lunch, then (long-story-short) Joe proposed. I was stunned! We had talked about getting married so I knew it would happen but he lead me to believe we had a "plan", so I wasn't expecting it then. 

He did good!! The ring, the place, the magic! He did very good!! 

Now married 15 years, still happy, still in love, I'd still say yes! Love him to infinity and beyond!! (Another Disney reference!)

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