Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Fall Has Arrived

Around here, Fall has arrived, both outside and in the house.

Found these goodies while I did my food shopping.  Some (most) people go nuts this time of year for pumpkin flavored things.  Me?  I'm not a fan.  I had pumpkin pie once and it was ok, but it just didn't do it for me.  I'm all about apples.  Personally the cookie was good, but I liked the bread better, toasted with butter--YUM!!


I dug out the fall decorations, that I've neglected to put out much of since Hurricane Sandy.  This year, everything was new again (in a way).  This wreath is one of my favorites.  I made it from a kit a few years ago and keep it up from September to November.

Love this scarecrow Mickey.  He stays out until Thanksgiving too.  He's too cute to put back in the box any earlier!

I know this is out early but I love it and haven't put it out the last couple of years.

Part of me secretly wants to try this with real pumpkins.  Wonder if I can talk Joe into it....

While I dread the cold season ahead, I do like Fall.  The gorgeous leaf colors are so pretty.  The not so fun part is cleaning them up after the dogs bring them into the house. 

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