Sunday, September 7, 2014

Getting Back In The Groove

Around here, school started. Olaf will be keeping me company a lot for drop offs and pick ups.  I may or may not talk to him while waiting for the girls to get out of school.

Getting back to walking with the puppies more. Trying to keep up with the 10,000 steps a day I was doing daily in Disney, but not succeeding at it as easily now. 

Trying to catch up on the vacation laundry. Thought I was doing pretty good but maybe not the putting it away part....

Happy to be drinking good coffee again from home.  (Not a fan of the Disney variety of coffee.) Cute mugs make it even better!

Looking forward to routines and schedules but not the homework that the girls bring home.  Waiting for that day when they realize complaining about it will not get it done.

Missing Summer already.  Not looking forward to coats, and cold weather.  Going to squeeze the most out of my flip flops while I can.

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