Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Captured Life 2011

I've mentioned how I decided to print pictures from 2011, to turn into a daily album. First I was just playing around with the idea.  Then as I looked into it, I realized the possibility of actually doing it.

In late July, I printed my pictures. I thought about using a kit but then just decided to use all my random supplies for the flexibility it gave me. I bought two albums and got to work. 

At first things came together quick. I did the album "monthly" since I didn't have a picture for "everyday" and I'm okay with that. It worked perfectly. Of course, I couldn't work on the album everyday, but slowly, I saw progress. I kept things simple, and didn't include anything bulky. With each month that I worked on it, I got excited to see it come together. I was even thrilled when I realized that I could fit the whole year in ONE album!! 

As of Sunday, it's done! The full album, complete with cover and closing pages, all done, in one album. I am so happy to get it done before vacation too! 

Ending this with the very simple cover page....

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Dawn said...

Good job! I did 2010 in a weekend in that format with project life. Now I need to tackle 2011 and 2012! I'm doing 2013 in a weekly format as we go along. Not sure I'm loving it?! I may try a monthly format for 2014!? Or maybe (gasp!) digital.