Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Still At It

Don't ask me where June went. I have no idea. I haven't stopped blogging. Just had nothing photographed to share. That's my downfall. Every.Time. 

When I'm on a roll the last thing I want to do is stop to take pics of my projects. OR the lighting is bad. Can't win. 

Today before attempting to work at my clean desk area, I wanted to snap some pics of Project Life pages back from week 19. I'm pretty caught up with it just haven't shared it. Yes, I am a slacker. Again.  I did try to take pics but they were coming out pretty "blah" so I trashed them all. I will have to find time tomorrow. 

Pinky swear promise. 

In other news, tomorrow is the last day of school! WOOOO-HOOOO!!! Finally! The day could not come soon enough. It just dragged on. 

You know it's a happy day when you make the last lunch of the school year. Today and tomorrow are half days. Not much time to do anything but the time flies quick before pick up. 

Marissa performed with her choir at tonight's middle school graduation.  Her time will be here before you know it. 

Feels like she just started her first year of middle school. Despite her many late nights of homework, I think she liked it. So much has changed for her this year and she's growing up. 

This weekend is Gianna's 9th birthday. She's got plans, some of which include going to Outback for dinner. One of the few places she actually eats!! She had a better school year than last year, and has changed for the better in some ways. 

Can't believe I've got a 4th & 7th grader as of tomorrow! 

As for now, I'm ready for the summer. Just wish Mother Nature would decide on the weather. It's been nutty lately! 

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