Saturday, June 1, 2013

After The Crazy Week

This past week was such a crazy off schedule week that I spent some time today catching up on things around the house.

My main priority today was laundry.  I lost track of how many loads I did today.  Not only did I do laundry but I've been folding, sorting, and putting it all away too!  No laundry baskets full of clean clothes to search through to find socks!  When I told Joe he went into shock.

Joe had to work some today, so I decided to break in my crock pot that my sister Marie gave me for my birthday.  I got a recipe from Pinterest for Hawaiian Meatballs and threw it all together.  I figured if no one liked it I could always grill up some burgers!!  Gotta have a back up plan!!  Turns out we all liked it (except Gianna who is THE PICKIEST kid on the planet and she didn't even try it!!) but personally I think since it makes so much, you could easily make it as an appetizer for a buffet type party.

Confesstion time:  I couldn't resist Kelly Purkey's Project kit this month.  I swore I wasn't going to buy anymore supplies for Project Life but it was irresistable!! 

Another confesstion: I also bought the Project Life kit from Citrus TwistI know! I know!!  I don't need either kit and I went overboard but it was calling my name!!!

Now that I've gotten some of my chores done and the confessions aired, I plan on sitting in my poor, neglected, craft room and catching up on things!

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Mrs. Boom said...

I need to try these meatballs!!!
I hope you love CTK. Now, if we could PL together that would make it even better ;)