Sunday, August 5, 2012

State Fair 2012

Every August brings the State Fair, or as I grew up calling it The Sussex County Fair.  We were skeptical about going today since the weather was sketchy.  Eventually we figured why not & took the ride up.  It's about 50 minutes from our house which can be torture depending on whether the girls' ipods are charged or not. HA!

We met my sister Marie & her family up there.  The kids were in their glory riding all the carnival rides together.  The kids did as many rides as they could, always asking to go on the same ride AGAIN!, until we explained they will use up their  tickets.  Not that they cared, but we explained anyway.  It was fun to see how the kids all experienced the rides differently.  Marissa loves the rides but has some reservations about some until she rides them.  My niece Nikki, is adventurous but I think a few rides took her by surprise.  My nephew Tyler, had his doubts about some rides but seemed to have fun & wanted to go on again.  Gianna?  That child of mine has absolutely NO FEAR WHAT-SO-EVERNothing was too much for her.  No hesitations at all.  I don't sleep well at night because of her. ;)

Of course once we were able to convince the kids to take a break & get some food, the grown ups took over.  Fair food is a must!  Yes, it may be greasy, but man, does it taste good!!  We stopped first for sausage & pepper sandwiches.  Joe & I go to the same stand every time year we go.  So good!  Now, don't get me wrong, we don't make pigs of ourselves by far.  The next thing we got for everyone were Zeppoles!  Fried dough covered in powdered sugar.  YUM!  The grown-ups & Marissa enjoyed them nice & hot & sticky!  Can't get over how the 3 other kids did not like them.  Where did we go wrong???

The kids rode a few more rides (after making sure their bellies were settled enough so they wouldn't hurl).  They got cotton candy, another fair must.  Then before we knew it the clouds rolled in & we high tailed it to the car.  We didn't make it before the rain came down but we had a good time anyway!

Thanks to Stephanie Howell's blog post, I found how to make these photo mosaics through Big Huge Labs. My new favorite way to share tons of pics!

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Looks like lots of fun!