Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Owl Obsessed

I never thought much about owls.  I knew very little about them.  I saw the growing trend but wasn't wowed....until the day I saw one in my backyardThat is when my obsession started. 

I think I kept it more aimed at the girls at first.  Marissa was (still is) big into Harry Potter & whatever Marissa likes Gianna likes (though she won't admit the real reason).  I would buy them stuffed owls when I found them.  Eventually I found things I liked & I guess that's when I started collecting them. 

The item could be practically anything too.  Saw these eye masks at Claire's & snagged two for the girls', knowing they'd wear them at bedtime...Gianna doesn't sleep good without it.

Most of the items are coffee mugs.  Which if you know me, are two weaknesses of mine, add the owl & three's a charm!  Marissa & I share this bowl/mug...

Most of these mugs I've found at Marshall's or Home Goods.  I've been known to drive to a couple of different stores in a day....yes I need a life.

Not all my owls are mugs.  I have some statues/figurines too.

This guy was stuffed with potpourri that gave me a headache.  I got rid of the potpourri & now we get along just fine.

Yes, I totally justified this contact lens case since I do wear contacts.

Found this pair at Michael's...

Owls, Coffee & my Ikea catalog makes for a happy girl.

I was debating both of these while shopping & went with the pretty aqua.  I like to think it represents me & the girls. ;)

This owl was originally white but I asked Joe if he would paint it for my scraproom & love how it looks. Love it even more since he painted it for me. He rocks!!

Cuteness in the Target Dollar Spot!!

Salt & pepper shakers, yes they are alike but aren't mugs....see how I rationalized it??  **crickets** Hello?  Still with me??

Treated myself to these for my birthday from Target.  The little ones were plant stakes but I pulled out the stakes & they now live on my desk.

I have lots of other owl things that I don't have pics of, some of which are even jewelry, but I think you get the idea of my obsession.  And just in case you're wondering, I really DON'T buy every owl I come across.  And I regret it I have some self control! ;)

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