Sunday, August 12, 2012

12 on 12 August

My twelve pics for August were a bit easier this month, though not at first.  I didn't take my first pic until the afternoon.  Having the Olympics on helped a bit, so did running errands with the family.

My little birdie built a nest to watch TV.

Watching Italy play Croatia in water polo.  Never thought I'd watch water polo but I was amazed at how they swam with the ball...without drowning. ;)  Sadly Italy did not win.

Took inventory of my printer ink.  I am in desperate need of yellow.  Gotta take a ride to Staples.

Marissa playing "Sum Dog", the school summer math learning game.

Staples run!

We bought some school supplies without having the list from their teachers since there are a lot of sales now & we won't get the lists for awhile yet.  We also bought Marissa her lock for her gym locker so she would have time to practice the combination beforehand.

We had to return a bathing suit Marissa had gotten that didn't fit right & were on the lookout for high top Converse sneakers.  Luckily we found her size (in the boys section) & with the credit for the suit & coupons her sneakers cost us only $15.00!  Nice!!

We opted to have dinner out & went to Chili's.  I tried these Crispy tacos for the first time & they were so good!  Sweet & spicy, just my thing!

Joe's not a fan of having his pic taken.  He told me to stick a fork in it.  For me that's just not an option, especially on the 12th of the month! ;)

Marissa & I were really into watching the closing ceremonies of the 2012 Summer Olympics.  Gianna would come & watch from time to time but Marissa & I watched the whole thing.

My scraproom gets very chilly with the AC so I got cozy in sweatpants & slippers.  I forgot I had these slippers & thought they were appropriate for watching the Olympics.

The Lowering of the Torch was beautifully done.  I love that each country was represented with a tube &  gets to keep one of the tubes.

These pics should probably get an album of their own but they get scrapped very simply & go into my Project Life album.  The album is getting very full.  I've been adding so many extra pics with inserts.  I have a bad feeling that I will be spilling over into a second album for the year.  The OCD in me hates that, yet the artsy side of me thinks of how memorable this year has been & it's been fun documenting it all.

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Anonymous said...

I love seeing your 12 on 12 pictures! The closing ceremony was great too!