Friday, August 17, 2012

Project Life April 2012

I have procrastinated so much about posting my Project Life pages for April. 

There I said it. 

The reason being?  It took SO long for me to get through our trip to Disney for Spring Break.  I didn't want to share bits & pieces of April so I waited until I was done with the whole month.  Of course then I procrastinated about taking pics, but that's besides the point.

April was pretty much the start of craziness around here.  With Spring Break, then Marissa's braces, followed by Gianna's communion.  It was a non stop month.

After a very long drawn out process of how to incorporate our Disney trip, I finally decided to use THESE page protectors.  I think it made including lots of pics so much easier for me.  Plus the extra space made things more fun.

This was the start of April, nothing fantastic, especially since I started out not feeling well right before the trip.  I was determined to not let it get the better of me though & pushed through it.  I also used a lot of OLD items from my stash.  From Making Memories to Heidi Swapp, everything old is new again!  Makes me glad I didn't purge it. My Silhouette Cameo is my "something new" that gets a workout on these pages too.

I cut all the day images all at once to make things easier.  Knowing I'd lose the dots to the "i's" I didn't bother saving them & used a small Mickey head punch to dot them.  I stuck to the same style for each "date title page", just changing up the colors....and washi, lots & lots of washi!

I had trouble taking pics of these double spread LO's so please excuse the glare...they look so much better IRL.

For something so simple, my favorite square is that top right corner of us flying.  Paper from Pebbles, letters from Lily Bee Designs & washi tape. Simple, simple, simple.

I was starting to think I'd fly through these pics since I was having so much fun with them.  Using old stash, playing around, just having fun.  It felt good.

Seriously, I was not exaggerating in the use of washi.  Another item I used a TON of are the tiny alphas from Making Memories.  I have a huge pile of them & always pick up a few packs when I see them, but sadly I don't seem to find them as easily at Michaels anymore.  I will be sad when they are gone.


To make the days different from one another, I printed a park icon to 5x7 & made a simple 8x8 LO to show which park we were at each day.  Again, simple being key.

We love hanging out at the Magic Kingdom so there are always a lot of pics to include.  I added these to the back of that 8x8 LO.  Easy peasy.

Sunday was Easter.  So much to do!

Our hotel had a "candy scramble" for the kids, then we were off to the Magic Kingdom for more fun. 

Another thing I use more of in my album are stamps.  Any & all sorts.  I've been keeping a lot of stamps from Studio Calico & Technique Tuesday within arms reach on my table.

Of course Easter was bound to have lots of extra pics!  In the lobby of our hotel, they had these gorgeous handcrafted chocolate eggs.  They all had different themes, both Easter & Disney.  I simply printed them wallet-size & slipped them into THIS pocket page.

Another insert for that day is my park page.  Our first few days of almost any trip, are spent in the Magic Kingdom.  I kept to the same design concept to make things easier.  Nothing on the back this time.

I think this is where I started slowing down a bit.  Can you tell??  To make things move along, I kept it very, very simple.  Not my favorite, but it's done.

This side came out a bit better, but I was not going to stress over it.

The park title page insert.

Don't know if it's obvious, but washi, flair buttons & my Silhouette Cameo are my go-to supplies.

Park insert page.  That paper is from Making Memories.  It's actually a pretty green color from one of their Christmas collections.  I couldn't seem to get the color right...

This page was more fun for me.  It's simple, but I like how it came out.

This part was my favorite on the page, but it's so simple.  I printed the pics small then punched them out with my square punch & arranged them around the tiny alpha letters.

Another simple park title page.  Just realized I didn't add the Mickey head I've included on all the other park pages.

Having the twelfth fall while we were in Disney made my "12 on 12", very easy.

By this time I was petering out of ideas. I just wanted to get past the trip since I was so far behind on my album, but despite that I like how this one came out.

Really dug through my Disney stash with this page.

The last park insert.  One of my favorite pics from the trip.  Family pics are always my favorite.

Sunday was supposed to be a two-pager, but I didn't have enough pics & I ditched the remaining few, making this a simple one pager.  I liked how it came out.

Making that last Disney page one page, I managed to change back to the page protectors that came with the PL kit.  Sticking to the original one week to one page protector style that I started with.

Usually I start each week with Sunday but since that ended our Disney trip I obviously started with Monday & just used a page filler.

As if coming back from Spring Break & getting into a routine wasn't hectic enough, we had Marissa start her procedure for braces, as well as dress shopping for Marissa & I for Gianna's communion.

This week focused more with Marissa towards Thursday & Friday.  She got her braces on Thursday & oral surgery on Friday.  She felt awful from the surgery so of course there were no pics that day.  I just took a screen shot of my appointment calendar & added journaling.  No sweat.

I'm ending April here for now since the end of April is on the same page as the beginning of May.  The very end will be included with my May post.


Sherry C said...

This is fabulous! Disney pics can be exhausting to scrap - great job!

Laura T. said...

Love how your album is coming along. Awesome Disney pages.

Carla said...

OMG Girl!!! Look at all these pages! Great job, you have such fun touches to our pages! Thanks for sharing all of these!

Anonymous said...

Love all the Disney pages! You are so creative and I love that you are using old stash. That is something I need to do too!