Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Yes and No

Yes, I am still blogging.
No, I haven't given up.

Yes, I am finally coming out from all the craziness that was June.
No, I haven't recuperated long enough.

Yes, I am still scrapping.
No, I am not caught up on Project Life,therefor no recent regular scrapping.

Yes, my scrap room is all ready to share.
No, I haven't taken pics to share yet

Yes, I am enjoying the summer schedule.
No, I don't like the lack of a schedule.

Yes, I love having the girls home with me.
No, I don't like the constant bickering they do.

Yes, I think I sound confident online (most of the time).
No, I am pretty shy when first meeting people in real life.

Yes, I am a nice person.
No, it will not stop me from turning into a bitch from hell if the need arises.

Yes, I still enjoy reading other blogs.
No, I haven't gotten around to reading them as often.

Yes, I feel like I've abandoned my blog.
No, I don't need any more guilt.  I have my own.

Yes, I will share something new soon.
No, I don't have an exact date.

Yes, I need to drink more water.
No, I have not given up my beloved coffee.

Yes, I am wondering if anyone still reads my blog.
No, I wouldn't blame anyone if they thought I fell off the face of the earth.


The Picinic Basket said...

Great post Sara! I'm here!

Kerry McKibbins said...

love this post

Anonymous said...

I'm still here! Love your blog!