Thursday, July 12, 2012

12 on 12 July

This month's 12 on 12 was hard for me.  It was just a normal day with some errands, so I found it hard to think of what to take pics of...but I managed.

This is the LAST pile of Disney pics for my Project Life album that needs to be done.  It's taken me forever to get thru this week since there were SO many pics!  Hopefully once I get past this I can catch up!

The weather is finally cooling off, it's been so hot lately.  I really wouldn't mind a rain day or two.

Time for our 6month check ups at the dentist.  Gianna went first.  The Doctor found her first cavity. :(

Marissa was next.  She did great!  Sadly I was last to go.  I dread going to the dentist more than any other doctor--even the "lady doctor"!!

Afterwards I decided to go to Pier One to see if I could find a small cute tabletop clock for my scrap room.  Didn't find a clock but I got some great shots...and that makes me happy!  I think the girls liked posing for this as much as I did!  I also think Gianna looks SO much like me in this one....

These cookie jars are cute, but I managed to pass on bringing them home.

This little guy was a bank...I thought about bringing him home with me but talked myself out of it.  Seriously regretting it now & want to go back & get him!

The mask of Gigi! I think she tried on every mask she could get her hands on...and wanted pics taken of them all!

Magnificent M!  She had fun trying on the masks too, but in a more "sophisticated", reserved way.

I spotted these fun sticky notes & thought I could use them for Project Life.  They're sarcastic, unlike me. HA!  The earrings caught my eye, but I as much as I tried resisting, I bought them.  I'm glad I did, since I would've regretted the owl.

Whenever I go to the dentist, I come home with the worst headache (my dentist is not the gentlest when cleaning my teeth), so I opted for delivery.  No cooking for me tonight.

I did feel better afterwards & at Joe's request gave him a much needed haircut.  He wouldn't let me take his pic, so I'm making do with my tools of the trade.

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