Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Bronx (Zoo) Tale

After mentioning for awhile how I'd like to take a family trip to the Bronx Zoo we took a ride today.  We left later than we should & encountered traffic heading into the city (what else is new), so we didn't get there until 2-ish.  This was our first trip there for the girls & I.  I like to compare it to the Animal Kingdom at Disney World, just not as magical. ;)

Our first stop was in the World of Birds.  Where we saw...birds!  Lots & lots of birds.

This little guy is a Golden Headed Quetzal from South America.  Very pretty colors.  Pretty bird.

These parrots are probably my favorite.  The girls said they look like the birds from the movie Rio

Joe & I called these the "tooki-tooki" birds...we've watched "George of the Jungle" a few too many times.

The girls look thrilled with me taking their pics, don't they?

We saw some other animals on our way to the Tiger habitat, but I'm not going to bore anyone.  Here the girls look a little happier.

A tiger could easily make a snack out of Gianna.

Yes, Marissa really is 5' tall....I feed her lots of fertilizer.

One of my all time favorite animals.....

Looks like he's laughing at us.

I sort of love this pic.

This is a Fossa.  I was intrigued by it's sleekness.  He looks a lot like a cat but bigger.  It's mate(?) was sprinting around the enclosure looking like a mad man.

We briefly saw the sea lions, which were Gianna's favorite part of the zoo.

The peacocks were just roaming around, not afraid of the people at all.

Another shot of the sea lions.  They were very playful & funny.

The lemurs were cool to look at too.  There were so many varieties of them too, but the girls liked these since they were from the Madagascar movies.

Through part of the zoo there were animals made of Lego's (Lego Safari).  Very cool.

I would've liked to have stayed longer but the zoo closed at 5:30.  You really could spend a full day there easily....which just means we have to go back! ;)

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