Friday, January 6, 2012

Annual January De-Cluttering & Other Ramblings

Today is the first Friday of the new year. In honor of my tradition in our house, I've been de-cluttering. Also known as "Organizing".

My main objective is to tackle the chaos that is our guest room. It's the room we toss stuff in when we don't have another place for it. It also holds the clean laundry that needs to be put away. Please tell me everyone has a room like this!

Unfortunately, this room is starting to look like a room you'd see on "Hoarders". Don't ask me when our show will be aired because I don't know when exactly Hell is due to freeze over.

Obviously, we don't have a lot of house guests since the room has been allowed to go to crap. Mostly my younger sister Chet uses it when she's babysitting & we get home too late for her to drive home. Obviously, she hasn't babysat in a long time either. Still love her. Though I wouldn't say no to a night out. HINT HINT HINT!!! Oh, & in case you're wondering, I still haven't seen Breaking Dawn. Yes I know how much I love the Twilight books & would really, really like to see the movie BUT that would require a sitter.......

So back to the room...

When I go through the girls' closets to determine what they've outgrown, I deposit the clothes into the guest room until I can pack what I want to save since I'm a sentimental sucker, pass it on to a friend, or donate to goodwill.

This is an awfully slow process for me since I procrastinate. However a few weeks ago I packed up what I'd like to keep, leaving the other 2 piles for another day. That day came today.

I made a pile of clothes to pass onto my friend's little girl & the other stuff is set to go to Goodwill.

It feels good to see the furniture again.

Joe has also been talking about getting rid of the furniture & turning it into my scraproom. Does this sound familiar? That's because I've mentioned it before in THIS POST. Once again I have outgrown my scrap area in our Den. Would I like being upstairs? Yes & no. But I would like to be able to leave projects out when we have people over without having to clean it up since my scrap area is sorta open to people walking through the room. I think overall it would be a win-win situation.

So that's been my main objective today. Tomorrow my girlfriend (whom I haven't seen in awhile) & her kids are coming over. It'll be good to catch-up as the kids play.

Sunday will hopefully bring the official start of "De-Christmas-izing the house. Yes, I do have all my decorations still up. It's the same every year. I don't take any of it down until after New Year's. When I was a kid we didn't pack it up until after my older sister Marie's birthday on the 12th. While I don't wait till the twelfth to take it down it just seems like there's other projects that need more priority.

Another thing I've added to my plate is I started walking on the treadmill again. Yes I started last January & did good until about June. Life was just too busy & when I finally re-surfaced I didn't have the "oomph" anymore. This time I hope to be more motivated. Just last night we booked a trip to Disney (again) for Easter/Spring Break in April. At the end of April, Gianna will receive her First Holy Communion (OMG! I can't believe it! It's seems like Marissa just received hers.). So there is plenty of motivation for me to lose some weight. I'm setting my goal small so it's more obtainable, to lose 10lbs by April. More would be great but I don't want to give up hope.

So if you're wondering where I am for a few days, you might not have read this entire post & I probably don't blame you since I tend to ramble on, but next time I'll make the post "pretty" with something to look at. ;)

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like what's been going on around here. A lot of decluttering and organizing and cleaning and rearaning and sorting and purging, etc, etc, etc.