Wednesday, January 4, 2012

School Kits 1st Grade Miss G

I've been playing "catch-up" a lot everywhere in my life lately. Whether it be emails, mail, laundry, cleaning, organizing, blogging, laundry, reading, scrapping, exercise, laundry....wait did I say laundry already? Just checking to see if you were paying attention. ;) Anyway you get the idea.

I'm behind in stuff.

However, these school LO's are **almost** done.
Yes, I said done.

Yes, I know soon I will have this years school pics to deal with.
Let me live in the glory of now. 'Kay??

As for Miss G, I am officially done with her school LO's. Say it with me....

Marissa's will be done soon. I already have 1 LO done but I've been procrastinating about the second one. My mojo has just about dried up with these school LO's, but I'm getting there.

These LO's have been done & just sitting on my desk since sometime in October I believe. Why did it take that long to blog them? I was waiting to finish Marissa's LO's so I could take pics of them all at once. Yeah it sounds lame even when I write it.....

These are Gianna's 1st grade year.....the 1st LO.....

I really am coming up short on ideas without making these all look alike. I'm getting bored. But I'm hoping I can remedy that problem with THIS downloaded from Kerri Bradford's site for the Silhouette.

Since there's so much to journal, I just hand write it. Nothing fancy....

Kept them very similar since there were so many pics. I tucked a few extras in with the journaling pocket.
Hope to get my to do list down to a more manageable list, so that I can get my mojo going again & get these school kits done. Wish me luck!


~Sasha Farina~ said...

you, my friend, are doing an awesome job!! absolutely awesome jow with catching up. when you're done with your laundry, come do mine, okay? deal? DEAL! :P

Laura T. said...

Love the layouts. I just worked on Nicholas' first grade pages over the weekend too.

Anonymous said...

Those look great! I need to have a serious scrap day! I am getting further and further behind!