Thursday, January 26, 2012

It's a Wrap!

Yeah so that's a corny post title but I can't be entertaining all the time. ;)

Back on our last trip to Disney I found this bracelet. I thought it was pretty & would add a nice pop of color to a basic outfit. Nearby I found one that was all white & picked that up too (you can see a peek of it in the corner there). What I loved about it was that you wrap the strands of beads around your wrist. It was just plain fun. (yes I realize how boring my life must sound like)

I loved the bracelets & wore them every chance I got (not like I really go anywhere, mind you). While showing them to my sister, Chet, one night, she was bouncing it like a slinky & the multi-colored one broke. Younger sisters never outgrow breaking your things. ;) I figured I could find something at Michael's to fix it & gathered up all the pieces.

At some point I found another, similar bracelet at Pier One. I wasn't sure about getting it since I had one in white, but I talked myself into it since it was pearls mixed with black. See how pretty?

Later on, I obviously fixed the multi-colored one, but then I started seeing the possibilities of what I could make too. Apparently, once you make one, you feel like you should make them in every color. The reason there are just four? Michael's selection of beads is just ok. ;)

Seriously, they are such a quick thing to make, that I made them during homework time. The girls & I sit at the kitchen table, they do homework, I make pretty things. It's a complete win-win situation.

For Christmas I made four of these black ones. Three as gifts & one for me. ;) I figured black goes with just about anything.

This week, the girls had a half day at school & asked to go to the mall. While going through Claire's, the girls were giggling over everything when I spotted this little jewelry organizer. When I picked it up I was debating using it for my bracelets or my growing collection of washi tapes. Once I got home the winner was easy & I like how pretty it looks.

It may not be scrappy, but it's been fun. A much needed creative release.


Anonymous said...

Very creative! Sometimes you have to do non-scrappy things. That's why I make hair things!

Kerry McKibbins said...

Love these.
I made some a few summers ago. They are absolutely addicting. Have fun!

Sasha Farina said...

you made those??!! Shut the front door~~!! those are gorgeous, my friend!!