Thursday, May 5, 2011

Garland & Some Randomness

Yes, I'm still alive & well.
I've been a bad blogger...again.

Still friends??

As a peace offering, I'm going to share a garland I've been making for Marissa's TENTH birthday coming up.

Yes. The little girl that made me a mother, will be turning TEN soon.


I tear up thinking about it. No, really.

Last weekend, Joe & I had a night out. We grabbed some appetizers while we were waiting for a movie & as I'm talking about Marissa turning TEN, I start crying.

I'm tearing up now.

OK, back to the garland for the "event". I've seen these garlands all over, so I'm not sure where I first got this idea. I'm sure one place is PINTEREST. Yep, another time waster, that I'm addicted to.

ANYWHOO, I took my 2" punch & my scrap folder & punched all these pretties.

(taken with Instagram)

Then I carefully aligned the scallops & stuck them together. This took awhile & I'd do it while the girls did their homework or while watching TV. I also made smaller plain white circles & did the same thing. Again, this took awhile.

Finally, last night, I strung them together, with beads in between.

Pretty, no?

(Taken with Camera+)

I still have to hang it, but that won't be until next weekend. We'll be having family & friends over for cake & coffee, a few days earlier than her actual birthday. Reason being?

We're taking the girls to Disney!!

Yep, taking them out of school to celebrate for her birthday. Can't wait! She's super excited too since we're going to also visit the Wizarding World of Hary Potter, while we're there. And I'm excited too! We've never been off Disney property! WOO-HOO! We're expanding our wings. ;)

So, this weekend, I plan on attacking Gianna's closet.

(taken with Instagram)

It's bad. I need to see what still fits her from last year & what I should pack & switch out all the winter clothes....oh man this is going to be a killer project!!

I might go missing again.
Wish me luck!!

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Anonymous said...

Busy lady! Looks like you have a lot going on!