Friday, May 6, 2011

Art Show

Last night was the girls' school Art Show. Towards the end of school each year, the school displays the kids' artwork from throughout the year.

It's nice.

We walk around & see all the artwork displayed through the hallways, while there's soothing (elevator) music playing over the intercom.

Marissa painted an owl for one of her projects. She modeled her after Hedwig from the Harry Potter bookies.

This is Gianna's chicken pox monster.
Just like a museum. ;)

In the All Purpose Room, the kids can bring home some of the "chunkier" artwork.

Marissa made a giraffe. Shockingly it wasn't an owl!Gianna's class made snakes.

It's nice to see how excited the girls get to show off their artwork.
I love seeing their how talented they are! (spoken like a proud mama!) ;)


Laura T. said...

What great projects! Nicholas' art show is this week. Can't wait to see what he has on display.

Anonymous said...

I love seeing the kids artwork! It's amazing at how creative they can be!