Thursday, May 26, 2011

Field Day 2011

Today was Field Day for the girls at school. I think every kid looks forward to this day. It's a day spent outside, running around, playing games. What more could a kid want?

It was scheduled for yesterday but the night before we had some heavy storms so they had it today, and man was it HOT! I made sure the girls had sunscreen on but by the time I got there in the afternoon, they were ready for more.

They played the standard races, same as every year. Marissa looks like a natural athlete in this pic, but she's far from it. She's more like a newborn colt, all leg & awkward. I've seen her standing still & falling over herself, but I love her so much. I think Gianna was losing steam at this point. She took it nice & slow. Slow & steady wins the race was her motto I think. ;)
The last game of the day is always the "balloon toss". This might be everyone's favorite. The site of those balloons (kept cold to beat the heat) brings a gasp of happiness from all the kids! Gianna's got a great throwing arm.
Marissa & her teammate were careful to make the game last as long as possible.
As the kids were done, they were able to go off to get a refreshing icepop to enjoy outside. Then for the last hour of school they got to watch a movie in their classroom. They had so much fun & the beautiful weather made it even better!

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Laura T. said...

Looks like everyone had lots of fun. I'm so sad that I missed Nicholas' field day this year.