Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Birthday Cards

Lately my brain has been fried. I keep thinking I have stuff or that I bought certain things already but then when the time comes that I need them I realize I never bought them.

That's my life lately.

Of course this happened with Joe's birthday as well. I thought I had birthday cards all made up & ready to go but I didn't. So Friday night I stayed up til 2am trying to come up with a few cards for him.

This was the first one....it's eh...my brain was feeling pretty frazzled. I think the block had something to do with using older scraps that weren't inspiring.

Then I pulled out this blue paper & this card just came together effortlessly. I think it was my favorite.

The colors of this one don't do it justice. They're much bolder IRL. Used some older stickers that I've hoarded. It's sick how many of those dimensional themed stickers I have!! I think they will be finding homes on cards in the near future.

Regardless of my feelings about the cards, Joe loved them! Either that or he hates to see how much those Hallmark cards are! ;)

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Kerry McKibbins said...

Beautiful cards Sara. I think the "50" is my favorite.
I used to make cards, but I hated to give them away. Isn't that terrible??!