Friday, February 25, 2011

December Daily 2010 (lots of pics)

I'm bringin' December back.

I bet you're all gonna hear Justin Timberlake now in your heads for the rest of the day!
Your Welcome.

Yes, that's right, I finished my December Daily album.

It's FEBRUARY you say?

I still see snow on the ground & that's good enough for me!

Don't ask what took me so long, since I've had it basically put together since before December. OK here it is....The damn journaling gets me everytime! There I said it! I know this is supposed to be something simple put together during December, but around here I all but close up shop in December. I just don't have the time or energy....something like that anyway, to get this all done on a daily basis. Or it might just possibly have something to do with my long standing habit of procrastination. Shhhhh....

Any whooo! Here it is!


And if you haven't given up & are still reading this do me a favor....if I mention doing something like this next year just kick me. hard. thank you.


~Patty~ said...

Your DD turned out amazing. Love it.

Bella said...

What a great album!! I love it!

Carla said...

Hey, this is gorgeous Sara!!! Great job!

Anonymous said...

It looks great!! At least it was December from this last year I'm still scrapbooking from 2 years ago!!

Laura T. said...

Finally getting around to this post of yours ... your book looks great. Doesn't it feel great to have completed it!