Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Barnyard MOOsical

Tonight Gianna's 1st grade put on a "Barnyard MOOsical". (Try saying that without hearing songs from "High School Musical" pop in your head!) They were all so cute! All the kids were different animals, & Gianna was a "Cow". She was a rebel & wore her hat to pushed back....

But my girl is more of a ham...see her there on the bottom right corner? the face? Yep, we see that face a lot, usually when she's up to something.
Each animal group would then have some kids say an introduction to a song, or play instruments during the song or do a little dance number. My girl was in the dance number. A "Cow's Chorus Line" to be exact. See the face again? She's loving the attention.

Here she is third from the front.
Then the finale. She put some flair into it! ;) (Um, yeah so I may be biased.)
She's a little performer when she gets the chance. She really loves the spotlight. It really was a fun show, the kids were a riot!


Laura T. said...

She looks so cute ... she definitely looks like a performer.

~Patty~ said...

awww that wasa cute play. Love all the farm hats.

Anonymous said...

So cute! Looks like she did a great job!