Saturday, February 12, 2011

Birthday Love

Today is Joe's birthday. Not just any birthday mind you, but the big 5-0!! Yep that's right -Fifty is Nifty!!

Most people are shocked when they hear his age. They all say they thought he was in his 40's. He definately doesn't act his age....

His age has never been an issue for us despite the gap. I tell him that he got his "trophy wife" on the first shot. No trading me in for the younger model, I AM the younger model!! LOL!! He's not allowed to have a mid-life crisis either. ;)

He such a sweetheart too. See his goatee? He's not big into facial hair but over Christmas he didn't shave for a day or two & I asked him to grow it in just to see what it would look like. And he did it FOR ME. The girls don't like it but I do. He gets a lot of mixed responses on it but the majority of people say it looks really good on him. I've already told him he could shave it off if he wants that I just wanted to see how he looked but he hasn't done it. I just really like the fact that he did FOR ME. KWIM?

OK, enough of Joe's grooming habits. He made sure to not go into work this weekend so he could enjoy himself & relax. Something he hasn't done much of lately. No I'm not throwing him a surprise party because it would be too "expected". Besides I already "got" him for his 40th & really surprised him!!

He's got a great way with the girls too. They just adore him. I tell him how the girls actually have him wrapped around their little pinkies. Around here we joke around about him having 3 wives. I'm the 1st wife, Marissa is the 2nd & Gianna is the 3rd. They both act like a wife does at times, but Marissa is the worst. If he has to work late, she'll grill him the next morning "Where were you?" "Why did you come home so late?" It's pretty funny, especially if you hear her say it.

I can't imagine life without him. He is the key to this family. He can be motivating just by being home. No words just his presence makes me want to tackle things that I've slacked on. ;) I may be an organizing junkie & he may let things go for a bit, but when he gets some time he can almost put me to shame...almost.

I love him more than I say. He completes me.



Anonymous said...

How sweet! What a great post! Hope you enjoy your weekend with Joe!

~Sasha Farina~ said...

what a lucky guy!! hope you had a great weekend!

Deneen said...

Such a lucky guy! Happy Belated birthday!