Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Marie's Birthday

Uh oh! It's the BIG 4-0!!

My older sister Marie turns 40! But I'm not going to say anything like "40 is over the hill". Nope not here. Around here it's more...
"40 is the new 30"
or even better...
"40 is FABULOUS"!!
Yep anything but old....that's partially due to the fact that I'm just 3 years younger than her & 3 years can FLY!!

This past Sunday, for her birthday, her hubby Danny threw her a surprise party. The main reason? Because she's one of those people that says she is "Un-surprisable". So he enlisted my help to surprise her. Does that mean he thinks of me & the word "devious" comes to mind?? Possibly. I've been called worse. ;)

Months ago, at an earlier party at my sister's house, I got everyone's addresses....since my B-I-L doesn't know where my sister keeps their address book. {{ahem--no comment}} Then after he decided where he wanted to have the party, I handled the invites, RSVP's & cake. My sister Chet & I also made sure to get the birthday girl some "accessories".....
Of course the birthday girl needed a flashing Tiara (modified with Thickers to say "40"), a wand (modified with Thickers, Swiss Dots, & Stickles) a sash saying Fabulous birthday girl (or something along those lines), a feather boa (cause she needs to flaunt her fabulousness), a beaded necklace (modified to match her wand), a flashing "40" pin AND to top it all off a honking HUGE "diamond" ring that blinked colorfully.

She was quite the fashionista!

Everyone had a great time. I was extremenely happy to have the pressure off of not accidentally telling her. It was nuts enough having her drop in at my house & me scurrying around hiding all the accessories the week of!

So with that I say...
You are FABULOUS!!

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