Sunday, January 16, 2011

I'm DONE!!

It's all packed up! Finally!!

Do you realize what I'm so thrilled about??


What? Do you mean to tell me that to most people it's already a distant memory??

Truly you jest!

I know most people wouldn't be this excited but it seems like Christmas hung around here far longer than I was okay with. I was over it before New Year's this year. But things were going on & I didn't have time to get to it. And then all those boxes upon boxes of stuff!! Don't even ask me about all the ba-jillion of ornaments that need to be packed up in their little tiny boxes....can you say time consuming??
crappy late night pics in my basement from my phone
This doesn't even cover how boxes there are. I can easily fill 5 trees with all the ornaments we have. I just rotate them from year to year. OK it might be an addiction!!

But now, NOW it's GONE!

The house needs a good deep cleaning from top to bottom, which doesn't thrill me but then I can relax (not really). Possibly get on some sort of schedule of doing things around here so it's not all last minute.....***coughcoughIprocrastinatetoomuchcoughcough***ahem.

Now I can get ready for Valentine's Day......LOL!!!


Valerie said...

There is nothing I loathe more than putting those Hallmark ornaments back in their boxes!! I got all the stuff put away last weekend but yesterday the hubby finally got the tree back where it belongs. Now the house looks empty - and I don't mind at all. Congrats Sara!

laura vegas said...

i NEVER put ornaments back in their little boxes. i don't even wrap them in tissue or anything protective. i have a few sterilite containers, and i literally just lay them all in there, very carefully. if you nestle them all together carefully, they don't have much room to budge. than i stick those containers in a box. been doing it for 9 years, and nothing has ever broke.