Friday, January 21, 2011

I'm Walkin....

Yes indeed!

This year I decided to MOVE MORE (a `la Cathy Zielske). Now I wouldn't call it my "resolution" for 2011 to get in shape, exactly. I just want to fit better in my clothes, have more energy & feel better. And I'm not following the whole Move More Eat Less program. I just try to make a point to workout. Sometimes it's just a quick 30 mins. The next day might be 45 mins with some incline. Today I even went for broke & walked for an HOUR!! I walked 3 miles in 1 hour! Yes I am patting myself on the back.

So my days have involved time with my treadmill. Things I have discovered are to:
  • make sure I have enough water with me.
  • make sure to tie up my hair BEFORE starting to walk.
  • make sure to have something to watch on TV besides Food Network. (it defeats the purpose)

Some things I need to find are:

  • a good water bottle. I have a few but nothing that's easy to drink from as I walk.
  • a good sports know to keep the ladies in check.

And before there are any grand visions of me running on the treadmill, let me make one thing clear....I.DO.NOT.RUN. I walk. FAST. I'm not a runner. I couldn't run if I wanted to. The treadmill is in the basement & the ceiling isn't high enough for me to run.

Besides I only run if someone's chasing me!! ;)

I'm not one of those people that loves to exercise. Not by far. I hate it. I'd rather do other things with my time. Something that's helped me is the "Lose It" app on my iphone. At first I was just going to use it to log my workouts. I keep a small notebook near my treadmill to keep track of my workouts so I added that to the app. Now these last couple of days I started using it to keep track of my food intake. Yes it's totally cheat-able, but who would I be cheating besides myself?

In the past when I've started working out, I'd do good for awhile, then things got in the way & I'd give up. Somehow I feel THIS IS MY YEAR. And now I have to make sure not to eat my words... ;)


laura vegas said...

i've been seeing all your "treadmill" updates on FB. that's great that you've been keeping up with it so well. i know i need to exercise, but i'm always trapped in this house working. so wishing i had a treadmill or something .. i'm convinced that i would use it, as long as i could watch tv or something at the same time. lol!

onesweetone said...

Who cares if you don't run :) you are an inspiration. I'm glad to see you recommend a good sports bra. So many women don't realize what a differance this can make. ENELL Sports Bras are the best if you are larger busted and need to eliminate the bounce. Available at: with free shipping. Keep inspiring us!

Kerry McKibbins said...

I totally laughed at "I only run if someone is chasing me"!!
So funny!!!!

Anonymous said...

Good for you! I love seeing your updates on Facebook! Keep up the good work and thanks for being inspiring. I'll be glad when my cough goes away so I can get back at it.

Suzanne said...

I have enjoyed seeing your posts! You are rocking!!! I so want to get into better shape, but cannot seem to get my act together! You are in the right frame of mind!!! I am rooting for you!! Hoping that I stop making excuses for myself(; hugs