Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thanksgiving Placecards

Last year I was messing around with some paper scraps & decided (don't remember exactly why) to make place cards for Thanksgiving. (Sorry for the cruddy pics but if I wait until tomorrow to re-take these it might be NEXT Thanksgiving before I get to share these! LOL!)
Now, I am by no means a "formal" person. Meaning we don't use our "Formal Dining Room", unless it's a Holiday. Usually our dining room gets used for parties & Holidays. That's it. The rest of the time it's a "drop" room, things that don't have a permanent spot get "dropped" in the dining room.

I host Thanksgiving every year, usually it's between 11-13 people that gather here. It's not a lot but it's enough. There's lots to do before, during & after so that's why I'm sharing these now instead of last year....ummm besides the fact that I didn't finish them in time to use last year! ;)
There's nothing fancy about these either. Literally just used scraps that I had building up in my stash. Used THIS circle punch & THIS scallop punch for the base. This QK die & stickles for the eyes. For the names, I printed them on cardstock then stamped the border with this stamp set & punched it out with THIS punch. Secured them with a couple of brads et voila!! Place Cards!!


~Patty~ said...

How did I miss these .... so cute. I ws thinking about making place cards but then got lazy. LOL. Hope you have a great thanksgiving.

laura vegas said...

these are adorable sara! i could totally picture these on my table. if i ever actually hosted thanksgiving dinner. lol! have a great day tomorrow!