Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!
Better late than never!! ;) Hope everyone enjoyed their day.

Thanksgiving around here is usually chaotic....somehow I managed to bypass that this year. Don't ask me how or why 'cause I have no idea! I was up late the night before cleaning & baking (not in that order), staying up until 2am. Luckily the family wasn't due over until 3pm so that helped.

I got up around 9:30....yes 9:30. I refuse to get up at the crack of dawn to deal with a turkey....wanna know my secret?? I use these cooking bags that cut down on the cooking time. Seriously it only took 3 1/2 hours to cook a 21 1/2lb turkey!! Those things are awesome!! And the turkey comes out juicy, no dry cardboard here! So I had a lot of the food stuff under control & was really mellow, where normally I'm a lunatic. I seriously think pushing dinner to 3pm was a genious idea (normally it's earlier around 1pm or so)! By the time my sisters showed up I only had a few things to do & they stepped in to help....and wash some dishes!! ;)
Since Joe is not a fan of carving the turkey, my B-I-L Danny did the honors.....And no I don't make a show of the bird & carve it at the gets carved in the kitchen....where most of us hang out anyway! The kids were running around having fun with each other....from the sound of them you'd think there were more than the 4 kids in the house! Marissa & my neice Nikki pretty much ruled over the younger 2.....the bossy 9 yr olds that they are! ;)Gianna is so easy going...very dramatic & loves attention.
Tyler is even more mellow....he's more of a lover, not a fighter! ;)

Unfortunatly I didn't get more pics than that. :( I'll have to remember to be even more mellow next year & take more pics!! :)

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Valerie said...

Thanksgiving is the worst holiday for me for taking pics - I'm lucky if I take 5.
Love your turkey bag idea - will have to share that with the hubs - he's in charge of turkey cooking.