Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pumpkin Picking 2010

Today was a beautiful, warm day for pumpkin picking...not that I dressed right for it but it was beautiful none the less! It's been cool one day, warm the next & super chilly the next. You just don't know how to dress right now...yeah, yeah I know dress in layers! ;) That just means more laundry for me but that's a different post.

We've taken the girls to this same pumpkin patch since Marissa was a baby. It might not the greatest place (the hayride to pick your "own" pumpkin is on the cheesy side), but it's tradition. For me traditions are important. Growing up we didn't have many traditions. We never went pumpkin picking or apple picking. My Dad would just bring a pumpkin home & we'd carve it. One pumpkin for the family. That's it. I'm not complaining, it's just the way it was. We let the girls each choose their own pumpkins & they have fun with it. Some years we carve it & some we don't...we're still working on that tradition! ;)

If the girls had it their way they'd bring these babies home....Marissa was more reasonable & found something easier to handle. Gianna fell in love with these "wart-y" pumpkins, which are cool but not something really carve-able. BTW--This is the cheesy smile I've been getting from her lately.She finally found something more reasonable too...and smiled better for me too. ;) I know this pic isn't the best but I just wanted to point out Marissa's blue streak in her hair (just over her shoulder). Seems like "all the girls have them" in school & she wanted it in the worst way. I had no problem with it since it's just an extension that comes out in a couple months, but I had to convince Joe. Luckily he was ok with it & Marissa is now a happy girl. Gianna was bummed that we wouldn't let her get one too but we figured 6 isn't old enough. Is it me or are the kids growing up TOO fast?? I've gotten pictures of the girls in front of this measuring stick every year...might see a LO in that....Luckily, someone offered to take a family pic for us & I'm in a couple pics as well. ;)
It was another Fun Fall day!! The girls are super excited about Halloween now. They've got their costumes ready & are ready to trick or treat!! Love this time of year!


Suzanne said...

These photos are priceless!! I love visiting the pumpkin patch with the kids!
Why did you not bring the two large ones home?? LOL
I hope to go next week!
Have a great Monday!

~Patty~ said...

I guess we both had the same ideas with the fall activities. That patch looks very cool.