Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Wish List....

These are on my Wish List.

You know Christmas is coming!

So is my birthday in March...on the 5th.

Or just for no reason at all!!

This might even come in handy for Thanksgiving! I've been wanting this since it came out but kept holding back. Mentioned it to Joe several times but I don't think it registered (that's ok--he registers lots of other hints I toss his way!!).

Do I need a special occasion to make these? Did you see the owls??? CUTENESS!! This came out pretty recently & all I've got to say is I've GOT to try making these....maybe not the more elaborate ones but c'mon...those CUPCAKES!! I'm all over that!! And yes I'm aware that both of these are involving food....can ya tell I'm hungry?? ;)


Valerie said...

I want that too! And I want to try those cake pops - they are so cute!!! And I also want that AC Hallowen blinkie!!

Suzanne said...

I bought the cookbook, but my Mother wanted it. So being the sweetest daughter, I gave it to her! LOL
Now back on my wish list!(: