Saturday, October 9, 2010

More Vintage Groove

OK, seriously I know I've said it before but this really isn't a new hobby. I made these because I had more pieces left that I didn't want to put away, I wanted to USE them.

Too many times I've bought things that I've never gotten around to using...Project Life anyone?? I have to admit I have a few other of Becky Higgins' kits that I still have to get around to using....but I AM working on it!! ;) {{I have been making progress in finishing up the journaling on my 2009 Project 365....and I am working on more of the school kits...just a little FYI....or maybe you'd call it a confession...whichever floats your boat.}} I think I need to put these things to use instead of taking up space & THAT'S why I've made some more jewelry. And to be honest, I still have some leftover pieces that I'll be using someway or stay tuned for more...eventually! ;)

These 3 necklaces are just 3 strands of the same chain pieced together. Very, very simple. I like them a lot.

Here's another simple piece made up from a few leftover pieces.

I even like layering these 2 necklaces together. But why stop at 2?? Loop another around your neck & go have fun!! Don't laugh but this is my attempt at a bad lighting.
And just a little FYI....tomorrow's date is 10-10-10....How fun is that?


Carla said...

wow Sara! I really like those together!!! 10-10-10 is so fun and its my brother's bday!

Steph said...

Your jewelry is beautiful. I love the one with the flowers.

Tracy said...

These are beautiful.
I have so many projects yet to be completed, I feel your pain teehee.

Valerie said...

Pretty Sara!!
Now, if these are the leftovers, I would love to see what the original stash looked like ;)

laura vegas said...

so pretty! great idea to layer on all 3 too!