Thursday, October 14, 2010

Apple Picking 2010

This past weekend was gorgeous!! It was a warm Fall weekend & we headed out to go apple picking. We've gone to this orchard for the past 3 years now. It's about 40 mins from us & even though I made sure the girls had their Nintendo DSi's they still managed to go a little nuts towards the last 15 mins. As you get closer the traffic clogs up since there are so many farms around the area & on a day that beautiful there are gonna be lots of people with the same idea.

As you walk into the fields you can just smell the apples! It's so pretty seeing all the trees lined up with a ring of fallen apples around the bottom.Of course the trees towards the front of the orchard are bare so to get apples you need to hike over towards the middle to find some trees with apples. Once you get far enough out there the apples are plentiful. I love how they look all clustered on the branches.We each got our own bag to collect them in. Marissa knows what to look for & gets some yummy apples.Gianna likes to taste them first to make sure they're ok. ;) And even though she's still missing about 4 teeth (both top & bottom) she managed to make a good dent in her apple.Everybody has an apple to munch on.Even me....Gianna had a bad habit of picking the teeny tiny apples that weren't ready yet....guess they just fit better in her hands. ;)Marissa cracked me up with this...I even got Marissa to take a pic of Joe & I....The girls just HAD to get a few golden delicious apples in their bags as well so before we left they got a few more apples for their bags.

It was a fun trip...but since it was later than we anticipated we couldn't squeeze in pumpkin picking as well like we had planned. We'll just save that for next weekend!

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Suzanne said...

I would love an opportunity to pick apples! Looks so fun, and I love the photo of you with your husband!