Thursday, August 19, 2010

No, This Is Not My Newest Hobby

So I've been making more jewelry. I have a few more ideas but once I'm done with those I'll be putting this hobby to rest.

I swear on the internet.

I'm not saying I'm in love with making jewelry but I'm not saying I hate it. I just wanted to try a few things & I have. That's not saying I'll never feel like making another piece but I'm not into it as much as other people.

And I just want to say that when the MM Vintage Groove line first came out I wasn't into it at all. I had no idea where to 1st start & didn't think I'd ever try making any of it. But then as I saw various pieces online I wanted to try (like I don't have enough on my plate). And when I got the opportuny to get some I did.

That's clear as mud, isn't it??

With that these are the pieces I made....

This one I wasn't crazy about because of the thin chain but after wearing it I just loved it. Very simple (which is more "ME"). And I like that it goes with almost anything I'm wearing.

When I wear it the small leaf hangs over the brown leaf.I was wearing this one to get a feel for it & my sister told me she wasn't liking it much (not in those words). I'm not 100% crazy about it either, but it's ok. I think we both are more symmertrical type of people & tend to like things evenly spaced/equal on both sides. It's not like I can't take it apart & make something else.

This isn't what I'd usually make but I was trying to expand my horizons (& use up some pieces).
It's not my favorite either but It was fun to do. I have a feeling the last 2 pieces will be re-made. And who knows maybe the next time I share, I'll even iron the black fabric I lay them on so it'll look pretty & not all wrinkly!! ;) LOL!!


Valerie said...

I think you are brave to try this. I see the stuff and think its cool and maybe how it could work in a paper project but never dared to actually make jewelry. I might have to 'dabble' now...

I love your 'internet swear' :)

Suzanne said...

I love seeing all the new jewelry pieces, but not sure I want to try making something!!! LOL Who knows what the end result will look like?
Your pieces are really pretty! good for you, for trying something new! I hope to see more(:

laura vegas said...

you did good, girl! love that you tried it out ... and didn't NOT like it. lol! i felt the same way when i first saw this collection ... but it has been fun to play with.

~Sasha Farina~ said...

i adore jewelleries... but i don't wanna get sucked into yet another hobby. :D yours are gorgeous!