Thursday, August 12, 2010

All About Ariel

Here's my take on Marissa's obsession when she was 5. I made this a little different from Gianna's (which was a lift of Laura's) since I had less pics & needed to use up more space. I think I like it better with the green border.....but don't tell Gianna that! ;)

I look back at these pics & can't believe how tiny Marissa was. At the time I thought she looked so big. Now she's not as into Princesses as much unless we're at Disney. It's apparently not cool to be into Princesses at school. :(

The last princess she was really into was Jasmine. I think it had something to do with her hair being as long as Jasmine's. She was Jasmine for Halloween a couple of years ago & didn't need a wig. She loved it!


~Patty~ said...

That is so cute. I was obbsessesd with this moive when I was little too.

Crystal said...

Great layout! I have a bunch of photos of Shara with all her horse things that she was obsessed with...I'm going to have to lift this from you!

~Patty~ said...

With all your adorable little girl photos I'm sure you will create some awesome pages with Dear Lizzy stuff ... cant wait to see.

Suzanne said...

You have been busy creating lovely layouts!!! I love it!!!
I love how you documented her favorite things!!! So smart!

laura vegas said...

so cute! love how you got a TON of pics on there! my girls outgrew their princess obsession. but just a funny. tonight, sarah was telling me about a game they played at recess this week. and her friends decided on two teams, one of which was the "pretty princesses". and she said she gave a dramatic cry, "i don't wannnnnnnaaaaa be a pretty princess". lol!