Saturday, August 7, 2010

Jewelry Makes a Woman HAPPY!

I found these pieces at Michael's the other day & knew I'd be making more necklaces. The owls HAD to come home with me! ;) And since I was reading a book involving fairies the other piece went into my basket.
I made sure to find a chain that matched. While it was easy, I was disapointed that you had to buy the clasp seperately from the chain. Unlike the Vintage Groove pieces (that I know of anyway). But it's still pretty AND pink!
The I said I tried getting a necklace while I was there to match it but didn't find much that I liked. I did find this leather cord at AC Moore though & think it looks nice.Found this blue ribbon at AC Moore as well & it really plays off the owl's eyes.

The 3rd owl went on a simple chain & I gave it to Marissa. She loved it & thanked me several times. I think she might've been looking to snag the other 2 owl pieces but for now they're mine! She's just lucky I share. ;)


Carla said...

these are really cute Sara!!

~Patty~ said...

Very cool. My friend who just moved always made cool necklaces. We would go into Michaels together all the time and she would buy tons of cool stuff. Just couldnt get into it. I always never knew where to start.

Suzanne said...

These are beautiful! I love, love the owl!

Okay, I was just here recently, and did not see the new posts! Are you playing tricks again!!! LOL
I hope you enjoyed the weekend!