Thursday, August 5, 2010

Got My {Vintage} Groove On!

When MM first came out with Vintage Groove I was "eh" about it. I mean some of the pieces were nice but I'm NOT a jewelry maker. I kept resisting.....until I started seeing some great necklaces made.

Go ahead, just say it & get it over with.....SUCKER! There feel better now?? ;)

Yes I'm easily enabled. (AKA: a sucker!)

It didn't help matters that Crop Chocolate started selling some pieces. Who am I to argue with a good deal?? Then I happened to go to AC Moore (which is slightly out of my way) & picked up some pieces there. Once I got it all home, I set it aside.

That's right.
I left it alone for weeks.
Didn't have any mojo.

Every once in awhile I'd pull it all out & contemplate making something. Then I'd put it away again. I'm nothing if not a procrastinator!

Well last weekend I noticed a post on Facebook from MM Jewelry & got all inspired looking through their pics. I had been working on some paperwork for Joe but I cleared off a corner of my desk & got to it. Never mind that it was late & I should've been going to bed (like I told Joe when he asked if I'd be up late & I said I'd be right up.).

In the end I made 4 necklaces. None of them took very long to make.

I originally had my initial on this but then I changed my mind. Plus the butterfly is on the other side but I didn't have it laid out right when I took this pic.I'm not normally a pearl person but I wanted to mix this up & liked how this looked. You know what I like about both of those necklaces? How they look when I layered them TOGETHER! Even the centers of the pendants are all matchy-matchy!This one was very simple. I'm not really into tourquoise but once I paired it with this piece I liked it. I might change it up a bit but for now I like it simple. This is a total lift of Laura's. I really liked the green in this & when I spotted it at AC Moore I knew I'd be making it.
I can see myself making a few more pieces....even bought a few different things at Michael's the other day.....but that's another post! ;)


Valerie said...

easily enabled lol! I'm 'resistance challenged' :)
These are so pretty. I wouldn't know the first place to start with this stuff - I keep seeing it in AC Moore and so far, I've been ok...we'll see how that goes!

Suzanne said...

This is beautiful! I would not know where to begin! I will have to learn from you!!!! Cannot wait to see what you purchased!