Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Simple part 3 -Joy

Here's my last of the three awesome-ly fast LO's I made all in one night a while ago. Once again I stuck to the same design & simplicity. You can see the others here & here.

This is the pic that flashed on my computer screen, that made me want to scrap it. I swear I also printed some of Gianna but haven't scrapped those yet. Yes I love her too! LOL!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Simple part 2 -You

Here's another simple LO I made the other day. You can see I stuck with the same principles as last time. Used some more of my American Crafts stash....feels so good to use them finally!! The pic is also from the same day back in April of 2007.

I think it's a rite of passage for every mom to get a "Dandelion Bouquet" at some point in their lives.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

365: Week of March 23

Mon. March 23 #82
Sometimes on Mondays when Gianna's home from pre-school I'll take her to Dunkin Donuts for a donut treat. She like "Chocolate frosted with Sprinkles", but the funny thing is she only eats the chocolate & sprinkles leaving most of the cake!!
Tues. March 24 #83
Marissa all tucked in at bedtime. Sweet dreams baby girl! (I was going for a candid shot but she spotted the camera & posed)
Wed. March 25 #84
Gianna has this funny ritual lately where she will pile her bed up with as many throw pillows as she can manage. She looked so "princess & the pea" like sitting in her bed waiting to get tucked in.
Thurs. March 26 #85
Just a glimpse of something I've been working on while I was waiting for the 365 kit. I'll be sharing this soon.
Fri. March 27 #86
The top half of my closet all changed over to those space saving velvet hangers. They really do give you more room!
Sat. March 28 #87
Saturday night me & the girls --my 2 sister Marie & Chet, & our friends Carolee, Maggie & Melissa, had "Girls Night Out". We went bowling which most of us haven't been in awhile & had so much FUN!! Here are our faboulous glo in the dark shoes!
Sun. March 29 #88
I've been planning a party for Marissa's Communion, & trying to get the invites out since we'll be away until the week of her Communion. My desk was a wreck!! The printer wasn't accepting the odd size of the invites & it was driving me crazy!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Simple part 1 -Happy

I'm one of those people that will leave their computer on all day (usually). I also have it randomly flash my pics as my screensaver. The other day there was a pic I hadn't seen in awhile so I pulled it up & came across a few others from that day. I felt the urge to scrap them right away so I printed them off & here we go.

This is from April of 2007, Marissa was almost 6 & Gianna was almost 3. They look so different yet the same.

Kept it all very simple which was so out of the norm for me but I like how it came out. And it's DONE!! I guess it's good to think out of the box now & then!

Not sure about anyone else, but when it comes to American Crafts papers, I horde them! I think they're so pretty but when I try to use them usually I go blank. I've mentioned this to Mary whose another "scrap idol" of mine & she said that with American Crafts "less is more" . So when I saw these pics I was remined of these papers & went with it. Thanks Mary!!

Patterned paper- American Crafts
title letters - American Crafts Thicker Stickers
Brads - Making Memories
Stamp - Autumn Leaves
Border Punch - Stampin' Up Scallop

Thursday, March 26, 2009

365 -The Album

I finally got my Project 365 kit last week, thanks to Laura! I am now so glad I kept up with it (thanks again to Laura & also Carla). So now, also because of Laura, I am finally sharing some completed pages from my 365 album.


I took these pics really quick before Grey's Anatomy came on so don't mind the glare.

I used one of those transparent overlays on the pic of Gianna (Tues). Like how it covers some empty space.

There's more that I have done but I ran out of time before Grey's! I'll take pics of those soon!

She's a Teenager!!!

Today my 1st niece, Destiny turned 13.

Thirteen people!!

Where did the time go???

It seems like not that long ago, we were racing home from work just to cuddle her (we worked 5 mins from my mom's house).

At 3 yrs old she was the flower girl at my wedding. Come on say it with me...awwwwww!Here we are at Christmas,1999 with Joe, Destiny, her brother Michael & Me.She always has a smile for the camera.Here she is around 9 yrs old, growing up so fast.
This was from 2007, she was about 11yrs old. She looks so grown up here.

And now she's a TEENAGER!!! I'm in denial......

Sunday, March 22, 2009

365: Week of March 16

Mon. March 16 #75
Made Brownies for Gianna's St Patrick's Day party at school. Not a fan of homemade frosted brownies but I had to make 'em green somehow!

Tues. March 17 #76
My little Leprechaun! Happy St. Patty's Day!!

Wed. March 18 #77
Got my laptop!! This was my birthday present from Joe. LOVE it!!

Thurs. March 19 #78
Made a fresh pot of sauce for dinner. Homemade NEVER the jarred stuff!! Smells good!!

Fri. March 20 #79
A friend of ours had a little suitcase that her daughter outgrew & gave it to Gianna for our upcoming trip to Disney. She filled it up & it's "all ready" for the plane! Give or take....

Sat. March 21 #80
TWILIGHT came out on DVD today!! Can't wait to see it again but this time without all the crazy screaming teenagers! Got my copy thanks to Joe---he's my Edward!!!
Sun. March 22 #81
Needed to clean out my closet since I can't fit anything in it anymore. Bought those velvet "skinny" hangers that supposedly take up less space. Looks like it might work. Marissa's getting my old hangers since her clothes fall off the kiddie hangers now. She's happy she's got "grown up" hangers...it's the little things in life ya know??

Friday, March 20, 2009

A Year of You Class- February

Did this LO the other day but never got around to posting it. In fact I only uploaded to 2P's today & there's already March's class. Oh well, it's done right?

You can see Robyn's original LO here. Switched the sketch around since my pics were all horizontal & made it more Valentine-ish.

Stampin' Up Scallop border punch
Martha Stewart Heart border punch
Martha Stewart Lacy Heart punch
Making Memories tiny letter stickers & Shimmer alpha stickers
Heidi Swapp Jumbo Jewel Brads
Hero Arts Swirl stamps
Cuttlebug Heart embossing folder

Thursday, March 19, 2009


I scrapped!! Saw this LO in the 2P's gallery awhile ago & realized I had an extra pic on my desk that would be perfect for it. Made this the other day & just finally posting it here.

The best part? I used scraps from my stash & it all came together SUPER fast!

Papers & Ribbons- KI Memories
Chipboard letters- K & Company

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

More Cards

Made these on my last card spree but since there are so many I decided to split the post. These are various sized cards but mostly 4x4.

Used my trusty Cuttlebug "Swiss Dots" & "DeVine Swirl" embossing folders. Having a lot of fun playing with the Hero Arts stamps--those are my latest obsession!
Believe it or not there are still MORE cards......

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Try JibJab Sendables® eCards today!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

365: Week of March 9

Mon. March 9 #68
Gianna likes every chance she gets to help in the kitchen. Here she's making breadsticks to go with dinner.

Tues. March 10 #69
My Flower Girls! (got those headbands at Target in the $1 spot)

Wed. March 11 #70
Got an email late at night about the Brownies taking a group pic for the newspaper the next day after school. Had to catch up on adding the badges Marissa's earned.

Thurs. March 12 #71
Thursday is my day to go food shopping. The amount of bags sometimes varies but each week this is what my counter looks like.

Fri. March 13 #72
Treated myself to a new purse, with some of the birthday money I got from my F-I-L. Thanks Dad!

Sat. March 14 #73
We took the girls to see Ringling Bros. & Barnum & Bailey's Circus. It was even better than last year's show!

Sun. March 15 #74
My sister Chet & my Mom, came over to watch the girls while Joe & I went out for dinner. Not the best pic (ahem thanks Chet) but it's in the album!