Sunday, March 29, 2009

365: Week of March 23

Mon. March 23 #82
Sometimes on Mondays when Gianna's home from pre-school I'll take her to Dunkin Donuts for a donut treat. She like "Chocolate frosted with Sprinkles", but the funny thing is she only eats the chocolate & sprinkles leaving most of the cake!!
Tues. March 24 #83
Marissa all tucked in at bedtime. Sweet dreams baby girl! (I was going for a candid shot but she spotted the camera & posed)
Wed. March 25 #84
Gianna has this funny ritual lately where she will pile her bed up with as many throw pillows as she can manage. She looked so "princess & the pea" like sitting in her bed waiting to get tucked in.
Thurs. March 26 #85
Just a glimpse of something I've been working on while I was waiting for the 365 kit. I'll be sharing this soon.
Fri. March 27 #86
The top half of my closet all changed over to those space saving velvet hangers. They really do give you more room!
Sat. March 28 #87
Saturday night me & the girls --my 2 sister Marie & Chet, & our friends Carolee, Maggie & Melissa, had "Girls Night Out". We went bowling which most of us haven't been in awhile & had so much FUN!! Here are our faboulous glo in the dark shoes!
Sun. March 29 #88
I've been planning a party for Marissa's Communion, & trying to get the invites out since we'll be away until the week of her Communion. My desk was a wreck!! The printer wasn't accepting the odd size of the invites & it was driving me crazy!


Kendalls Mom 3 said...

My kids do the same thing with the donut...need to get bed shots too...and lovin the bowling shoe pic! Great pics Sara!

laura vegas said...

the donut shot is funny ... we had sprinkle donuts here the other day, but the girls only ate the bottom part and left the chocolate and sprinkles. lol! and i'm so curious on the stamped blocks!

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

do tell about the journaling spots....and love the bowling shoes...i have a similar shot!