Sunday, March 15, 2009

365: Week of March 9

Mon. March 9 #68
Gianna likes every chance she gets to help in the kitchen. Here she's making breadsticks to go with dinner.

Tues. March 10 #69
My Flower Girls! (got those headbands at Target in the $1 spot)

Wed. March 11 #70
Got an email late at night about the Brownies taking a group pic for the newspaper the next day after school. Had to catch up on adding the badges Marissa's earned.

Thurs. March 12 #71
Thursday is my day to go food shopping. The amount of bags sometimes varies but each week this is what my counter looks like.

Fri. March 13 #72
Treated myself to a new purse, with some of the birthday money I got from my F-I-L. Thanks Dad!

Sat. March 14 #73
We took the girls to see Ringling Bros. & Barnum & Bailey's Circus. It was even better than last year's show!

Sun. March 15 #74
My sister Chet & my Mom, came over to watch the girls while Joe & I went out for dinner. Not the best pic (ahem thanks Chet) but it's in the album!

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Kendalls Mom 3 said...

great pics Sara! The circus looks like so much fun!