Sunday, March 22, 2009

365: Week of March 16

Mon. March 16 #75
Made Brownies for Gianna's St Patrick's Day party at school. Not a fan of homemade frosted brownies but I had to make 'em green somehow!

Tues. March 17 #76
My little Leprechaun! Happy St. Patty's Day!!

Wed. March 18 #77
Got my laptop!! This was my birthday present from Joe. LOVE it!!

Thurs. March 19 #78
Made a fresh pot of sauce for dinner. Homemade NEVER the jarred stuff!! Smells good!!

Fri. March 20 #79
A friend of ours had a little suitcase that her daughter outgrew & gave it to Gianna for our upcoming trip to Disney. She filled it up & it's "all ready" for the plane! Give or take....

Sat. March 21 #80
TWILIGHT came out on DVD today!! Can't wait to see it again but this time without all the crazy screaming teenagers! Got my copy thanks to Joe---he's my Edward!!!
Sun. March 22 #81
Needed to clean out my closet since I can't fit anything in it anymore. Bought those velvet "skinny" hangers that supposedly take up less space. Looks like it might work. Marissa's getting my old hangers since her clothes fall off the kiddie hangers now. She's happy she's got "grown up"'s the little things in life ya know??


laura vegas said...

LOVE your laptop! the pink ... so cute! and i have that same wireless mouse and just love it. enjoy your twilight ... alyssa is still waiting for her copy. and funny about the hangers. i still have the girls stuff hanging on the kiddie hangers ... but i'm sure they'll be ready for grownup hangers soon. that's going to be a lot of $$$ to replace all those. lol!

Kendalls Mom 3 said...

yes, yes lovin the laptop. I don't technically "own" one actually...just hijacked my husbands from work. LOL!! Congrats again on getting that. Its awesome!

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

cute laptop!!! you are so on top of it!