Thursday, March 26, 2009

365 -The Album

I finally got my Project 365 kit last week, thanks to Laura! I am now so glad I kept up with it (thanks again to Laura & also Carla). So now, also because of Laura, I am finally sharing some completed pages from my 365 album.


I took these pics really quick before Grey's Anatomy came on so don't mind the glare.

I used one of those transparent overlays on the pic of Gianna (Tues). Like how it covers some empty space.

There's more that I have done but I ran out of time before Grey's! I'll take pics of those soon!


laura vegas said...

love seeing some of your weeks in the albums ... i think it gives it so much more meaning once you have the photos all together in the album. and you've done so much in the week or so you've had the kit ... so glad you got one!

Kendalls Mom 3 said...

Awesome Sara! Love seeing the album together...I'm planning on posting some soon.
Isn't Laura the best? She's like the sister who takes care of nice to have a friend like that!

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

sadly i'm behind...but i'm almost done clearing out the mess in my room. i'll be more productive now. fingers crossed!

Mary said...

Wow - I so admire all of you that are working on your Project 365 albums! This will be a treasure at the end of the year!