Sunday, February 8, 2009

365: Week of Feb. 2

Mon. Feb. 2 #33
Finally getting some scrapping done! Tues. Feb. 3 #34
Typical day of homework for Marissa. She spreads out all over!

Wed. Feb. 4 #35
What can I say? I am addicted to Facebook!!

Thurs. Feb. 5 #36
Coffee time! When I'm sick I'll switch to tea but as soon as I feel better it's back to Coffee! This is my favorite mug--it holds 2 cups of coffee! (and yes it's Disney--most of my mugs are!!)

Fri. Feb. 6 #37
For some strange reason the girls LOVE to lay on the floor of the kitchen while watching TV. Luckily the floor is heated but they DO have their own TV in the den which is much more comfy! Go figure!

Sat. Feb. 7 #38
Once a month I help Joe out with his paperwork. It's time consuming but mindless & it helps him out a lot.

Sun. Feb. 8 #39
After over a month of having the Christmas decorations all packed up, we FINALLY got them stored in the dreaded crawl space. The girls can have their playroom back---after we give it a good cleaning! And yes that is my much neglected treadmill in the corner.


Kendalls Mom 3 said...

You have heated tiled floors??? I've heard of them, but never knew anyone with them. Cool!
I took a picture of my scraptable too for this week's picture. you got some cool captures!

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

good stuff...i'm behind on printing mine and journaling...and posting them on my blog!

you and i both need to get on our poor treadmills. i haven't been on mine since (come closer, so i can whisper it...) november! now i'm all achy breaky.

i got "my personal fitness coach" for the wii. i will let you know what i think about it as soon as i'm back up and running!

and i absolutely LOOOVE those trees. they were so cute. i always forget about my dang cuttlebug for embossing...

laura vegas said...

heated floors? i'm intriqued. lol! and the photo of marissa's homework all spread out made me laugh .. totally like sarah!