Sunday, February 22, 2009

365: Week of Feb. 16

Starting to lose interest in this a bit, I'm not the only one, Carla is too. She explains it perfectly. I think it would be different if I had the kit. I'm almost tempted to put them in the album I was planning on originally but then if the kit does come I'd have to switch everything over. That's just more than I feel like doing. But for now I'm plugging along.

Mon. Feb. 16 #47
Bought Marissa's Communion Dress last week but with me being sick I never got to take a pic. I need to find a better place for it, right now it's hanging in our Dining Room. The Dining room is more of a catch all for us & we only use it a few times a year. We just aren't the formal type of people. And this is all I'm showing of her dress--gotta keep it under wraps until her Communion, but I have to say--she looks like a bride! Just beautiful!
Tues. Feb. 17 #48

Today Marissa's Brownie Troop had a field trip. The girls were all excited about it too! I volunteered to drive a few girls for a few reasons. 1. The trip would take place during rush hour on the way back & I'm just on the protective side. 2. Marissa was excited that I would be there. 3. The field trip was at AC Moore!! One of my favorite places!! After a tour around the store the girls went to the craft room & made a little project. Me? I scoped out the scrapbook aisle!! Amazingly enough I only spent $5--that's a record for me!

Wed. Feb. 18 #49
Thanks to reconnecting with old friends on Facebook, I decided to dig out some O-L-D, crazy pics from my past. I might regret posting some of these pics but I did re-live some GREAT memories!! Have I mentioned how much I love Facebook??

Thurs. Feb. 19 #50
Marissa's backpack. During the week it stays by the door so we don't forget anything. I can not wait to get her a new bag next year, I'm just NOT liking this messanger style at all since she wears it low & it drags on the ground as she walks. But she loves that it's purple & has an "M" on it for Marissa (not really it stands for "Mudd"that's the brand name but she likes it anyway).

Fri. Feb. 20 #51
My Valentine roses are pretty pitiful now. They need to be tossed out. Such a shame they don't last longer...

Sat. Feb. 21 #52
Happy Mail!! Got some scrap goodies that I had ordered.

Sun. Feb. 22 #53
After seeing how much Gianna loved playing with Marissa's Nintendo DS, we broke down & got Gianna her own DS. Suckers we know!! We figure it'll help on the plane for our April trip. The girls were all intense playing them all day long. Love that they share games & stay occupied.


laura vegas said...

man, typed up a whole comment and it lost it. lol! anyways ... like i told carla. once you have the actual album and get all your pics in there ... you'll be inspired by the project again. trust me ... the pics take on a whole new meaning once you get them in side by side.

sounds like a fun field trip ... i might have tagged along for that one too. lol! and sarah would be very jealous of that red nintendo DS ... she's convinced she needs a new one, just to get the red.

Kendalls Mom 3 said...

Yes, I can't wait to get that album too! I think another thing that might help you is that when you take your pics remember that you don't have to make them blog0worthy. I have taken a few pics that are just too private and I just leave that day blank on that day. I hope to get my mojo back too! I bet you can't wait for your trip in April!

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

stay with it!! you should know soon whether or not you'll get an album. (i never heard anything else over here...hopefully, laura has/will.) it's such an awesome concept! i'm behind on printing mine and doing my journaling, but my pics are ready to go in...i'm a slacker on that, too...