Monday, September 23, 2013

From Online To Real Life

Since I started scrapping back in 2003, I never thought I'd meet people with the same interests as me. On Two Peas, I fell in love with Laura Vegas' work and eventually found her blog. From there we emailed back and forth. Always encouraging each other.

Later on, through Laura, I "met" Carla. Over the years we graduated to exchanging Christmas cards, texts and playing Words with Friends. ?;);:;;;  ;

Eventually, Laura and Carla got to meet in real life while filming an info-mercial, so cool. I was happy for them. Since Laura lives in California, Carla is in Illinois, and I'm in New Jersey, I didn't think the chances of us meeting would ever be good. 

Fast forward to this summer.

We were planning our trip to Disney World for the end of August, as usual, when I found out Carla was going to be in Florida about an hour away from us at the same time! We crossed our fingers we would be able to meet up during the trip. 

On her last day Carla took a detour from going to the airport to come to our hotel to meet up. (We don't rent a car there). We had spent the day at Typhoon Lagoon water park but left a little later than expected. We made it back to the hotel just before she got there, so Joe and the girls went back to they room to shower up and I had to meet Carla looking like a hot mess in my bathing suit. LOL! Oh well! We got to spend twenty minutes together and she got to meet Joe and Gianna back at the room. We had Joe take our pic on the balcony with the castle in the background. Perfect! 

A week or so after getting home, Laura was going to be in Connecticut, I found out it's about 45 mins away from me. After texting back and forth with Laura, we figured out when the best time would be. I had to make it a quick visit since my father-in-law was coming over later the same day. I asked Joe what the possibility of meeting up with her were and after some back and forth we decided to take the ride together. 

I met Laura at the hotel (Joe took the girls to eat, so we could have "girl time") and we walked over to Starbucks for drinks. If you know Laura, she is all about Stabucks! I admitted to her I have never had their coffee and wouldn't have the first clue how to even order!!  Lol! (I happily got a hot chocolate.) She then filled me in on the convention and showed me where she taught her class. I've never been to a crop never mind a weekend getaway so I took it all in!  She got to meet Joe and the girls when they came back to pick me up, and Marissa took some pics of us.

It was so great to finally meet both Carla and Laura! After so many years and emails, it was great to finally talk in person! Now to one day actually scrap together! LOL! 

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