Saturday, September 8, 2012

Project Life June 2012

June has been quite a busy month around here!  So much fun stuff going on that I "needed" to fit in my album. (believe me when I say the album is pretty full--think I need to start another)

I started the first week of June with a two-page spread, instead of my normal one page.  By doing that I squeezed some extra pics for a few days instead of doing an insert.  I like how it came out, even though the days don't "flow" perfectly.  I used the same background for those pics to show that they belonged together.

I got all creative this week with m Silhouette Cameo.  Nothing fancy, just simple & easy. 

The monthly 12 on 12 insert...


I arranged the words/title using the Arial Black font (again) & sized them differently, then used my Cameo to cut it out.  To make it pop, I backed the cut outs using a different colored cardstock (Blue & Gold are the school colors).

A little close up....I really love how it came out.

Of course there were a lot of pics for Marissa's 5th grade party so there was a full insert of pics from the day.  Inserts are starting to take over my Project Life album!  I both love them & hate them.  Love how they look, yet hate how FULL they make the album.  I also tend to procrastinate about doing them since I tend to go overboard with all the "extras" to make them pretty.  They take more time to do, but at the same time I like that it uses up my old stash of supplies. Can't win.

Marissa's "ceremony", is when I started losing steam, can you tell? I took one of THESE page protectors & sliced off the part I wouldn't use, very simple.  Except for the title pocket, I just slid the pics in & called it done.  Of course, that last empty pocket is bothering me, so I'm sure at some point I'll add something.

This page happened pretty quickly.  I kept a few days very simple, both because I was losing my mojo & because I was just trying to get it done.

The last day of school had to have an insert as well, since it was Marissa's last day at this school.  Bittersweet moment....

This month really was full of inserts!!  The end of school often brings Gianna's birthday as well, which is obviously a pic filled day. 

I know I've mentioned it before, but I love digging through my stash of supplies to find the "perfect" embellie for a page.  Makes me even happier when it's something that I've been hoarding.  Another thing I find myself doing a lot more of is stamping.  I don't consider myself a stamper, but it doesn't stop me from buying them. ;) The small pockets make it easier for me, somehow, to use my stamps.  I find it harder to stamp on a 12x12 LO, but I hope to change that.

The last week of June seems to be a more quiet week, but it wasn't really.  There was a lot of running around PLUS Gianna's birthday party with her friends at the movies to see "Brave".  The sad part is I didn't take a single pic at her party.  Not a one.  On our way home, when I realized it, I cried.  Hard.  What kind of mother forgets to take pics at her daughter's birthday party with her friends??  Gianna, knowing how upset I was, told me it was OK & said I could just take pics of her at home while she opened her presents.  I made do, since I had no other choice & know in my heart, she had a great party.  She was still happy.  Pictures or no pictures.  Love her. Always.

That was June!  I know I'm behind on the album, but as of last night, I finished my July pages!  I somehow blew through them & now I have HOPE that I WILL get through August just as quickly.  I would love to be able to do PL on a weekly basis, so I can squeeze in some 12x12 LO's or other projects that have been brewing in my mind as well.  Crossing my fingers!


Gretchin said...

Awesome!!! Love these pages!

Crisann said...

wow! lots of little details! great pages!

Carla said...

wowsers girl!!! You really got a lot in for June, I love it all. I totally understand about the party pics but that means that you were busy making the party happen!

Anonymous said...

You are really knocking these out! They look amazing!

Rachel Minick said...

I am so impressed by all of your pages! I love the clean lines of the 12 on 12.

Sasha Farina said...

you are amazing. keep it up.. and kick my butt sometime :D :P

Ann Marie said...

Fun colors and I love the washi and Sil cutting!