Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Day of School 2012

Today was the first day of school for the girls.

Marissa started 6th grade in MIDDLE SCHOOL.  I can not believe she's in middle school.  It's even worse if you say Junior High.  OMG, that will be here sooner than I'll be ready for as well!

Marissa was a little nervous, but also excited.  She said she had a good first day.  She liked her math class.  Changing classes when it's downstairs mixed with all 6,7,& 8th grades was crazy she said (the 6th graders have most of their classes upstairs in their own wing.).  She knows a lot of girls from her CCD class in her classes that she's friendly with.  I think she'll do ok.

Gianna started Third grade today.  She's not excited about school at all.  I'm hoping this year changes that & she will like school.  So far she just likes lunch & recess.....***sigh***  I didn't get much out of her about her day other than it was boring.  It would be great if this teacher could spark her interest.  I'm obviously worried about her more, not her grades since those are good, just her attitude about school.   I had a knot in my stomach from yesterday afternoon, & all day today until they got home.  Not a good feeling.  Crossing my fingers & saying prayers that this year will be good for her.

So here's to another year of school.  Let's hope it's fantastic!


Gretchin said...

You sound like an amazing mom! I'm sure they'll both do great this year!

Anonymous said...

They'll do great! We are having the same reactions here too! Noah isn't too thrilled with his GT classes, but is sticking it out. We are dealing with a major overcrowding issue at our middle school. So much that they were 40 lockers short for the 6th graders.